Realest Dating Coach

"Man AMS is truly one of the best dating coaches out there. He keeps it real and tells men how it really is. I'm happy for the success AMS is having from YouTube and now this book. He deserves it. He's helping former beta males become the best version of themselves by becoming an Alpha"


It's a Masterpiece

"I haven't read the entire book yet, cause I just bought it today. Just wanted to show AMS some love. I know it's going to be good tho, this book not only talks about women but also how to become a better man in general."


Upgrade Your Dating Game

"This book is already a game-changer. I only read the first ten pages so far and everything is looking real good. Also, I already have notes and key points to reference. If you're looking to take your dating game up ten notches then this book is for you. Even if you are a beginner, Good game from AMS. "

-Grand Finesse

The Most Anticipated Book of The Year

"I've been patiently waiting on the release of this book. As a subscribed member to his YouTube and Patreon channel, I watched him gain a large audience throughout the past 11 months. AMS is a leader in the field of Men's Dating & Lifestyle. Based on his highly sought after material, I am positive that this book will be a huge success. Looking forward to reading this piece of art soon."

-King Maverick

Not your run of the mill coach

"A'lot of dating coaches put emphasis on game and communication tech. That's all vital information but how about getting your finances in order? Getting in shape? Finding a purpose and a reason to live?  AMS does not simply preach dating tips and techniques, he explains how finances, physique, social skills, and charisma are linked to attracting to kind of woman you want. I've listened to a few dating coaches... but AMS is the only person that truly goes into how important the whole picture is. This book is a must get for anyone that's struggling in the dating scene or just in life. "


This isn't only a dating book, it's advice on how valuing yourself will allow everyone else to do so. 

"Although I can't say that I agree with the author's opinion on topics like settling down or falling in love, the undeniable truth is that he is one of the only people in this field who will tell you like it is, If you are looking to other people for advice about love and such then you most likely have other problems that are far more important than just women that you need to address. AMS does a great job of explaining that once you start taking care of yourself with respect and purpose, that not only women but people, in general, will naturally be drawn to you This book isn't a quick fix or list of cheap pickup lines, It is a series of actionable ideas and strategies that anyone can follow to improve their dating lives. This book is vital for men who may be young and naive to dating, as well as the experienced men who have failed when it comes to dating time and time again.  Excellent Work."

-Derick Vaval